About ReachUp USA

Building a unique early childhood intervention for the 21st century.


ReachUp USA is a forward-thinking early childhood intervention, adapted from a highly successful, low-cost, internationally acclaimed program in Jamaica - Reach Up and Learn. Because the return on investment in such interventions is greatest when they begin as early as possible, ReachUp USA serves children beginning in the first year of life. It incorporates best practices from home visiting, the latest research in early childhood development, and technological innovations to deliver a scalable, technology-integrated, and highly cost-effective early childhood intervention for the 21st century.

Our team based at Princeton University is currently fundraising to pilot test ReachUp USA in Trenton, New Jersey. Please contact us if you are interested in supporting our work.

Our vision

We know that children can be adversely affected, from the very beginning of their lives, by poverty, substandard housing and unsafe neighborhoods. However, engaging parents very early in their children’s lives, when their brains are developing most rapidly, has been shown to have a significant positive impact on their short- and long-term development and well-being. High quality early childhood interventions can have long-lasting effects, resulting in higher education and earnings, and reducing incidences of poor health and negative social outcomes. Research consistently shows that the earlier the intervention in vulnerable children’s lives, the more effective the result and the higher the lifetime return on every dollar spent.

By focusing on the earliest stages of child development, ReachUp USA can improve the well-being of disadvantaged children in meaningful ways. And we’re building a team of experts and leaders who care deeply about the vulnerabilities and opportunities of early childhood, and who are committed to helping shape the future of early interventions to benefit individuals and society at large.

ReachUp USA is adapting an internationally acclaimed child development curriculum that has been successfully implemented and rigorously tested in diverse cultures around the world (e.g., Jamaica, Colombia, Bangladesh, and China). ReachUp encourages parents to engage in structured play with their children, and helps them learn how to do so effectively, and through those interactions to support their children’s social-emotional and cognitive development. We will use technology to deliver and assess Reachup USA’s services in novel ways – both in connecting with families between visits, and in collecting and evaluating accurate visit data in real time to improve services as they are delivered.